Our Equipment

Trailers and Equipment

ANR maintains a specialized fleet of trailers and equipment for all purposes of transportation.

  • 10x 20' Skel Trailers
  • 5x Low-profile extendable skels
  • 1x 45' Low-profile Drop-deck trailer
  • 4x 40' Generator set low-profile skel
  • 4x 45’ Tautliners trailers
  • 7x Krueger B Doubles - heavy load permits
  • 3x Super B set trailers – heavy load permits
  • 3x Tray trucks
  • Tail-gate lifters trucks

ANR Fleet of small Forklifts

  • 7 forklifts range from size and capacity of 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne
  • 17 tonne capacity container and machinery lifting forklift
  • 1x38 tonne Omega Container handling forklift
  • 1x42 tonne Omega Container reach stacker
  • 2x1.5 tonne warehouse electric forklifts