About ANR Freight Services

Environmental Policy

ANR considers it vital and important that control measures, so far as reasonably practicable, are put in place to protect the environment from possible detrimental impact from the organisations business activities.

Management will do their utmost to not allow activities, for which they are responsible to and ANR staffs will always endeavour to deter, prevent and not allow activities for what they may be responsible to:

  • Injury to person or property
  • Endangering and harming the environment
  • Waste resources
  • Cause any other form of loss

ANR Freight Services Pty Ltd will do their utmost and will:
  • Participate in the implementation of this policy
  • Comply in all environmental laws, regulations, policies and standards that relates to ANR services
  • Continuing in improving the environmental management system
  • Preventing pollution impact and reduce where possible
  • The cleaning up of spills
  • Disposing of harmful waste per the government authority, the Environmental Protection Agency Victoria (EPA Victoria)
  • Make policy to all personnel and make it available to the public

ANR is also committed to complying with it is corporate legal obligations as outlined in the Environmental Protection Act 1970 in a professional, open and consulting manner.

We wish to establish the right mindset and culture so employees, contractors and visitors are able to report any hazards or risks, in relation to the environment without the feeling victimised or feeling blamed or vindicated in any way.

ANR Freight Services Pty. Ltd.