About ANR Freight Services

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

It is ANR Freight Services primary and continuing undertaking to provide adequate provisions under the Health and Safety Act 2004 and its associated regulations, codes of practices and Australian standards of our employees and contractors at all times, while at their place of work.

The company through it is employees and contractors also undertakes to protect members of the public and other persons from potential danger caused by any of its activities.

We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable. Our goal for injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents is zero.

To achieve this, ANR Freight Services management will:

  • Conform to the relevant legislation and codes of practice.
  • Actively promote employee consultation and participation in health and safety matters.
  • Promote a safe and early return to work of injured employees.
  • Accurately report and record all workplace incidents and injuries.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Provide information, supervision and training when required.
  • Insist that safe work methods are used always.
  • Provide continuous improvement in health and safety standards.
  • Ensure managers have the requisite knowledge and skills to perform their responsivities.

As Individuals, we all must:
  • Practice safe work methods, instructions and rules.
  • Report any unsafe conditions and equipment
  • Report all accidents and near miss incidents.
  • Wear protective clothing relevant to the place of work.
  • Ensure that no action or inaction will cause harm or to any other person.

The main objective in this whole process is predominantly to improve Our Workplace Health & Safety by addressing the issues and hazards as they may arise, to prevent any injuries and incidents from occurring, and it’s a practise that we all play a hand in.

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