ANR Freight Services - pack/unpack

ANR can Facilitate all types of Cargo Handling and delivery to your door.

Unpacking Import Containers

  • ANR Freight Services can collect your containers from Melbourne Wharf Terminals ( 20' & 40' Containers) Unpack into any configuration needed, palletising and shrink wrapping pallets ready for your delivery or putting pallets into storage till your ready to receive your goods.

Packing Export Containers.

  • ANR Freight Services can receive your goods, consolidate and configure them ready for export packing and seaworthiness, so your goods are treated and handled with care, making sure your freight is secured properly so not to damage your goods when it arrives at its destination.

ANR Freight can supply labour on site for either unpacking of your goods and  or export packing giving you expertise in this area at your convenience and at your premises.

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